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Juanita Romano

Advisor, TribaLights


Juanita Romano is a medicine woman from the Cheyenne tribe.  Her indigenous name is Vanãheo, which means Sage Woman, a name passed down to her from six generations back.  She was born into a long lineage of healers, taking part in sacred ceremonies since childhood, and learning about the energy world through hands-on experience.  Along the way she studied modalities of dance expression, sound healing, breathwork and became a certified hypnotherapist.  She later traveled to the Amazon jungle in Peru, to study with and learn from the Shipibo people on the sacred ways of the Ayahuasca plant medicine.   There she was sanctioned by the master Maestro to serve and hold the sacrament.  She is the founder of Healing Gardens Native American Church, located in Los Angeles California, where she assists people from all walks of life and all denominations to reach their goals for healing and success through indigenous technologies

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