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Advisor, TribaLights

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Fidel Moreno is Huichol / Chichimeca and Mexican American. He is an Oscar nominee in the Best Short Documentary category as co-producer and co-director of WIPING THE TEARS OF 7 GENERATIONS, and a three-time Telly Award winner for THE PEYOTE ROAD and 500 NATIONS. Moreno is an activist passionate about working with youth and children through cultural literacy skill building, emotional development and purposeful life navigation. His most recent video,  Behind Standing Rock, chronicles the Native American struggle over water rights and ancient burial grounds. 

Raised in both old Mexico and the Midwest area of the United States, Moreno’s work in documentary film and video since 1983 has focused on the struggle and dialogues of indigenous people and communities in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Central America. He has worked directly with many communities, aboriginal leaders, chiefs and elders in documenting environmental actions and issues, human rights violations and crisis relief services. 

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