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We host a variety of events, workshops, camps and retreats, where you can expand your mind, deepen your relationships & make meaningful connections!


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First Fridays Monthly
7:00 - 10:30 pm

Experience a Contact Improv Meets Ecstatic Dance Workshop with Jeffery Nash Followed by Live Ecstatic Dance Set with alternating DJs!

Be moved with Amplified HQ Sound, Indoors, on a Sprung Floor in West LA




7:00 - 10:00 pm

Join us as we RECONNECT with our true nature to create a deeper connection with ourselves and each other!


We will begin with an ice-breaker activity, followed by heart-opening Cacao ceremony. You will then be guided into embodiment practices and dance, to get you out of your head and into your body, releasing the stagnant energies of the past and making space for the new.

In this safe, judgement-free container we will reignite our inner power and expand our energies to amplify our intentions.




November 18th - 25th
Sayulita Mexico

A week long retreat with the mission of raising the frequency of the planet by bringing the spirit of nature and its healing capabilities back into the lives of humans. Renew and restore the body through:

  • 3 hours of daily Tantra Workshops

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Fire Ceremony

  • Sound baths

  • Shamanic Embodiment workshop

  • Sweat Lodge

  • Nourishing Meals from local farms


Saturday May 22nd
6:00 pm - Midnight

Planet Earth got you down? Space-suit up and Neptune-in as we lift-off with BASS FORCE! We're going on a journey through space and time to connect with our cosmic community. Lets get astro-Physical with mindfulness workshops, Cacao ceremony, Ecstatic Dance and DJs blasting bass into the night We're keeping it Plutonic in an outdoor location in West LA.

Full Moon Cacao Ceremony - Ecstatic Beach Dance

Come experience the heart-opening power of Cacao and Ecstatic dance on the beach this coming Full Moon.

We will be dancing at the beach with a super high-quality Bluetooth sound system, and ceremonial grade Cacao by the one and only Heartblood Cacao !

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