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Advisor, TribaLights

Scott Vineberg_edited.png

Scott Vineberg brings a smart, decisive and insightful presence to all collaborative ventures with a well-imagined sensibility for innovative thought, choosing the right people, inspiring and igniting a positive spirit throughout. From working with a team intimately hashing out a plan for a new startup, or pitching clients with a cool new idea, the results of working with Scott often leads to long lasting friendships and solid business opportunities. Anyone would find his combination of articulate business sense mixed with a healthy dose of spirituality uplifting and rewarding

Scott is an amazing visionary, leader, and strategist, spanning a diverse set of experiences and industries to draw from. Scott is a very insightful people person with the IQ and EQ needed to lead them through the most progressive / complex projects. Scott is a unique combination of a "Business Man and a "Renaissance man" with strong values, social awareness, skills and talents that would be rare to find in a NYC city block, let alone one individual.


Scott is one of the most impressive entrepreneurs and innovators working with some of fastest moving companies in the world whether in Silicon Valley or the capitals of Europe. He has one of the sharpest and most relentlessly resourceful minds and his boundless energy and exuberant passion is not only infectious and extremely enjoyable to work with; but it is also the key to building all visionary projects.

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