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Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, TribaLights


Sequoia is a passionate leader with a proven track record of bringing brands to life. By building a striking visual identity, integrative strategy and strong team culture TribaLights will create enduring relationships between our staff and clients.


Over the years Sequoia has partnered with brands that she believes in, no matter how big or  small, to help them transform into visually stunning, prominent change-makers. She offers a holistic approach that not only focuses on building a strong brand identity, but also facilitates a culture for collaboration and creativity. 


By doing an MA in Digital Media Management at Hyper Island, Sequoia met some of the industry's best talent, helping cultivate her inner creative visionary. Sequoia has facilitated workshops, organized large-scale client events and learned what it means to incorporate digital into every aspect of the user experience.


Sequoia is an expert at communicating ideas through captivating storytelling and visuals with a solid background in Graphic Design, Branding, Marketing and Copy Writing. Erika translates the essence of TribaLights into a coherent visual identity through brand development and storytelling to achieve maximum impact


Her experience spans beyond design. She has not only set up her own businesses, she has also helped other start-ups build from the ground up to create the impact we are here to make. 


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