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Co-Founder & Vice President, TribaLights


Sequoia is a distinguished trailblazer, renowned for her exceptional ability to invigorate brands with purpose and precision. Her proficiency lies in orchestrating compelling visual identities, seamlessly integrated strategies, and fostering a robust team culture at TribaLights. These elements serve as the foundation for establishing enduring connections between our esteemed team members and valued clients.

Sequoia's unwavering dedication to purpose-driven brands, regardless of their scale, has been a hallmark of her journey. Her transformative approach transcends conventional branding, ushering brands into the realm of visual excellence and collaborative innovation.

Her relentless pursuit of mastery led her to attain an MA in Digital Media Management at Hyper Island, where she honed her visionary skills among industry leaders. Sequoia's journey encompasses orchestrating inspirational workshops, executing grand client events, and seamlessly integrating digital landscapes into user experiences.

A virtuoso in communication, Sequoia's artistry unfolds through captivating narratives and visuals. With a robust foundation in Graphic Design, Branding, Marketing, and Copywriting, she adeptly translates the essence of TribaLights into a cohesive visual narrative, merging brand development with compelling storytelling to maximize impact.

Beyond her design acumen, Sequoia's legacy extends into entrepreneurship. She has steered her own ventures and mentored nascent startups, nurturing them from inception to embody the profound impact that aligns with our collective aspirations.


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