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21 Day
Morning Ritual Challenge

Day 7

Welcome to the Future! Today we are going to embark on a morning ritual known as Future Pacing.


Much like our gratitude journal we are going to write down the things we are grateful for except for one major difference. We are going to write down what things we are grateful for that are happening in our future! 


This might sound difficult but we assure you that it's easy once you get going. The most important part is that you write down AND FEEL the emotions that you are feeling in the future. Let me demonstrate…


“Today I am feeling present, accomplished, confident and excited to speak to my customers who trust and love me as I help them achieve their goals. Each interaction I have throughout this day invigorates me with more energy and more confidence as I accomplish each of my goals I set for this day”. 


"I feel loved and supported by my family and friends as we have delicious and healthy meal together”


And Then:


This is the part where you describe the next scene of the future you wish to create, remembering to especially focus on the emotions you wish to feel in the future. 


Take 10-15min to come up with as many scenarios as you can in this timeframe. 


Once you’re done writing, review, feel and remember each emotion as you carry these feelings into your day. You can do this by setting up a timer on your phone that rings a bell every 90min to remind you to stop what you’re doing, take 3 deep breaths and feel the emotions you wrote down.


Emotions are magnetic energies in motion and by associating these feelings with situations you wish to experience in your future you can drawl these experiences into your current reality. 


But don't take our word for it. Integrate this practice into your morning routine and test it out for yourself!

If you are struggling to come up with emotions HERE is a list to help. The more time you spend feeling these emotions the more benefits you will get!


We hope you enjoy today’s practice!

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