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21 Day
Morning Ritual Challenge

Day 17

Guided Visualization MeditationSequoia
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In today's practice we will be doing a Guided Visualization meditation.

Visualization meditation combines the practice of meditation with the technique of visualization. In meditation, you sharpen your focus through a mental exercise. While in visualization you give your mind something to focus on, so it can't be as easily distracted.

In this practice, the intention is to bring awareness to our Chakras (as we explored in Day 15), while connecting with the energy of the earth. We'll be creating a protective sphere of light around ourselves, helping us to be better prepared for the day ahead and any interactions we may have.

You can adjust this technique according to your needs. For example - say you have an important meeting coming up. You can calm your nervous system through slow, measured breathing, while imagining every step of the meeting, going smoothly and with the results you desire.


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