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21 Day
Morning Ritual Challenge

Day 14

Welcome to day 14! We hope you’re enjoying this 21 day morning ritual challenge. Today we are going to be doing a practice that was coined by the great Iceman himself, Mr. Wim Hof.

Wim has been able to do all sorts of miraculous things simply by utilizing this breath Practice that he has coined, “The Wim Hof Method”.  Some of the benefits to the breathing technique are:

  • Stress reduction 

  • Faster recovery from physical exertion

  • Better sleep

  • Improved sports performance

  • Enhanced creativity

  • More focus and mental clarity

The Wim Hof Method is also linked to reducing symptoms of diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, asthma, sarcoidosis, vasculitis, and several autoimmune diseases.

The Wim Hof technique

One round of the Wim Hof Method breathing technique includes these steps:

  1. Take in a strong inhalation through the nose.

  2. Let out a relaxed exhalation through the mouth.

  3. Repeat for 30 breaths.

  4. On the 30th breath, exhale to 90 percent and hold for as long as you can.

  5. When you feel your body really needs to take a breath, inhale fully and hold for 15 seconds before releasing.

The basic technique involves three consecutive rounds of the above. Eventually, the breathing may feel like a wave flowing through your lungs, but this will take practice.

The point of the breath is to increase oxygen levels and blow out carbon dioxide. This technique has been shown to help with depression, anxiety, mood, mental focus, and pain management.

Download the Wim Hof Method App to keep track of your progress and see how these benefits play our in your life starting every morning!

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