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21 Day
Morning Ritual Challenge

Day 11

The root lock, or Mula bandha, is an important yoga practice, but one that is often overlooked!

Some Benefits of this practice:


  • increases the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system which can ease pain

  • lowers heart rate and blood pressure

  • balances hormones

  • stimulates and regulates the nerves around the lower pelvic region

  • significantly decrease stress and anxiety levels


How to:


Engaging the root lock is similar to doing a Kegels exercise. Or, if you’re unfamiliar with that practice, it’s as if you’re trying to hold in a pee :)


It can be difficult to isolate the contractions in this area, developing awareness of mula bandha is a matter of practice!


  1. To begin, sit cross-legged or in a chair. Close your eyes. 

  2. On your inhale, squeeze the entire perineal region—front, middle, and back—inward and upward. Keep the breath as steady and smooth as possible. 

  3. When your inhale is complete, release the root lock as you exhale.. 

  4. Coordinate contractions of the entire perineum with the breath. Inhaling, contract the perineum, and exhaling to slowly release the tension. 

You can practice this technique throughout the day, when you’re at the office, stuck in traffic or watching a movie. Anytime really! Start with just 3 minutes per day, gradually increasing the length of your practice as you go.

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