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Advisor, TribaLights


Miguel was born In Guatemala, the son of a Nurse and a Doctor. He grew up in a valley surrounded by active and extinct volcanoes, alpine forests on one side, high altitude jungle on the other. As a youth, Miguel spent a lot of time in hospitals, clinics, and emergency rooms trying to decide if he was going to follow in his parents footsteps. After a few years Miguel became a professional musician, eventually recording and touring in the United States. Also began a career in Post Production for Film and Television.

Along the way Miguel got invited to spend time with a small group of Native American elders interested in sharing their ways with anyone willing to learn. A small group was formed in Los Angeles, CA. After several years of participating and learning the ceremonial ways, they were encouraged to go out and share what they had learned with others. One of the long term goals being to heal the wounds and trauma from colonialization.

Miguels purpose in life, which he has known from a young age is to bring healing to people.

Miguel currently works with at risk youth, Armed Forces veterans, people in recovery, ex convicts, as well as those in what are considered the “normal” segments of the population in a variety of settings, one of the intentions being to reduce the level of fragmentation prevalent in the current culture; not only in this country but world wide.

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