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Advisor, TribaLights

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Rev. Merrill Ward, Ep. Gn. is an ordained gnostic priest, advisor, counselor, educator and researcher in the field of entheogenic spirituality. He is a staunch proponent of cognitive liberty and the safe and responsible use of entheogenic sacraments for psycho-spiritual healing and wellness. He has over 30 years of study and practice in comparative world religions and related spiritual disciplines with a special emphasis on the mystical unitive experience and the practical application of entheogenic techniques and sacraments for expanding, exploring and enriching human consciousness, health and well-being.


Over the past 15 years, Merrill's in-depth field work has been utilized in a number of important scientific research studies published through the Johns Hopkins University and most recently with Columbia University. He has consulted with the Usona Institute and serves as an advisor for the biopharmaceutical company Journey Colab as well as an entheogenic advisor for the innovative XR wellness company TRIPP.  He regularly serves as a speaker, presenter, moderator and panelist within the psychedelic/entheogenic field offering detailed presentations on 5-MeO-DMT, entheogenic spirituality and related topics at a wide variety of psychedelic symposia and conferences. He is the founder, chief officiant and minister of Awakening Divinity Ministries and resides in Southern Oregon on the lands of the Shasta, Takelma, Latgawa & Athabaskan people where he has lived for the past 20 years.


Prior to his current profession, Merrill worked extensively in both Hollywood and New York in the commercial film, television multimedia and advertising industry for over 20 years as a creative Producer, Executive Producer and Assistant Director . He also possesses a solid background in curriculum development and heart-marketing and is excited to brings his skill sets to the Tribalights community.

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