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Advisor, TribaLights


My background: I love bringing teams together to make real world impacts! Getting my start on Wall Street helped me to understand the tools that are available for building teams, businesses and communities. This experience has helped me to thrive in the business of healthcare with a heart for caring for patient focused physicians by providing outstanding revenue cycle management and backend support for their busy practices. My team and I were and are able to affect physician performance and engagement outcomes that create better patient outcomes because we give the physician back their time that can be devoted to outstanding patient care, because they know the backend is running smoothly.

This client first attitude and the successes it brought prepared me to take up leadership initiatives that are now focused around broad reaching food projects. These projects have an immediate economic and food security impact for my community.

I am excited about the the things that we are working on and for the things to come. I will continue to work diligently to bring about the greatest positive impact I can have everyday that I'm blessed to be call this world home.

| Entrepreneur - CEO - Community Builder - Connector |

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