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Advisor, TribaLights


Christopher Laurence is an Iboga Therapist, Director of Iboga Root Home, former addict, ibogaine patient and an ibogaine/iboga provider with over thirteen years of experience. Chris was homeless, hopeless and addicted to hard drugs for over nine years when he found ibogaine. Living under a bridge, hooked on the methadone program, still shooting drugs and dying of liver failure.


Chris had tried many traditional treatment programs, jails and detoxes in frequent attempts to get clean with very little success. In the winter of 2002 his big sister located him living homeless in cold hard Massachusetts and helped him find ibogaine. In the spring of 2002 Chris did ibogaine with Richie Ogulnick and it saved his life. He was irrevocably transformed. After ibogaine Chris felt as if I had my soul back and for the first time in many years he was free. Chris never went back and  began apprenticing to provide ibogaine 6 months later.


13 years later Christopher's life and work continue to evolve and transform. He has studied with many elders and many traditions. He has gone to Gabon and been initiated into Bwiti, the Gabonese spiritual traditions surrounding the use of Iboga. Chris continues to learn and to grow as a provider and as a person. His dream is to begin a farm, and do his part towards making ibogaine therapy sustainable out of love for this amazing and unique plant.

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