At TribaLights™ we believe that that collective action can greatly impact global consciousness. We dream of a world where all people have the opportunity to heal past trauma so they can rise up and let their inner light shine.

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Our vision is to be a pioneer in the expansion of consciousness, exploring and realizing human potential through education, healing, community and regenerative agriculture. 


Our mission is to co-create the space where ageless wisdom, spiritual growth and modern technology can converge.


We offer personal, spiritual, social and environmental transformation that integrates body, mind, heart, spirit and community.



The number of people with mental health problems are reaching all-time highs.  Our Solution is to bring ancient wisdom and the latest in modern technology together through the TribaLights(™) Regenerative City. The City will become a beacon of hope for those looking to heal their past trauma, be of service and find support from others on a similar journey.



The American Dream has become a nightmare, but what are the alternatives? We are interviewing experts and leaders who are implementing inspirational and holistic alternatives to the current system. The objective of the film is to offer insight while documenting our own process of creating a land-based community, the TribaLights(™) Institute.  



“Alone we can do so little;

together we can do so much.”

- Helen Keller

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Founder of TribaLights Non-Profit and Entrepreneur since 2011. After 5 years in the US Air Force, Phoenix owned and operated Westgate Insurance Agency. He was a medical marijuana caregiver for 5 patients harvesting 60 indoor plants every 3 months for 3 years. He is a Certified Yoga Instructor, DJ, Ecstatic Dance Facilitator and Certified Peer Support Specialist.


Board of Advisors

Founder, of The International School of Healing Arts- San Diego. Seymour has been practicing and teaching Holistic Health since 1978. Seymour is the Author of Food for Life, The Art of Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu and Shaping Our Destiny.


Board of Advisors

Owner of American Hemp Seed Genetics . He is also a founding member of OIHFA and serves on the Oregon Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Advisory Committee. Jerry produces the Oregon Hemp Convention, Oregon’s largest hemp-centric Cannabis conference.   Jerry has also been working with higher education facilities regarding hemp and is actively producing a wide variety of hemp products including bio-plastics.  


Board of Advisors

Morgan brings vision, broad technical understanding, and years of engineering and program management experience to Geoship. Prior to Geoship, Morgan spent 7 years in various engineering roles at Intel Corporation, followed by 8 years of vagabonding and sailing around the world. When he is not working to transform the future of home.



Entrepreneur with over a decade  of Marketing experience. Sequoia founded and operated an Art Gallery for 5 years. She has a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing  and a Masters of Arts in Digital Media Management. Sequoia is a Certified Tantra Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner. She is passionate about plant medicines and alternative healing.


Board of Advisors

Iboga Therapist, Director of Iboga Root Home. A former ibogaine patient, and an ibogaine/iboga provider since 2002. Christopher has been initiated into Bwiti, the Gabonese spiritual traditions surrounding the use of iboga. He has treated hundreds of people and does his part towards making ibogaine therapy sustainable out of love for this amazing and unique plant.


Board of Advisors

Founder and CEO of Regenerative Systems. Rohan is a designer, builder, teacher and advocate of Regenerative Practices around the world. He has managed a wide range of projects relating to self-sufficiency and adaptation to climate change, either for individuals, companies, NGOs or international institutions.


Board of Advisors

Founder of, a platform designed to enable individuals anywhere in the world to invest in sustainable physical assets. Supported asset classes include real estate, managed agriculture and renewable energy assets. The platform will provide access to investments in physical assets, fractionalized to lower the barrier to entry while providing access to on-demand diversification.


Board of Advisors

Tax, Accounting, Insurance & Investment Consultant. Over the past 25 years, Tom managed $65 million+ of client investment accounts and has experience in raising capital for Reg D (Opportunity Zone) private placement offerings. Tom has a Master of Science in Financial Services (MSFS) and is a published author of "Financial Life Management" (Amazon).  


Board of Advisors

Recognized leader in the plant-based culinary movement. Former Executive Chef at The Ranch, Malibu. Chef Curtis has lectured on health, nutrition and whole foods worldwide. An MBA graduate of Pepperdine University, she holds a Plant Based Nutrition certificate from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies, Cornell.


Board of Advisors

Larry has been working on sustainable projects and alternative design for over 40 years. Licensed General Contractor. He is a mentor and has been involved in Native American recovery through AA General Service since 2006. Larry is passionate about community activism and empowerment.


Board of Advisors

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Founder of Acceleration Ventures. Skye specializes in Business Development and project financing. He has worked with a variety of companies in industries such as technology, energy, communications, defense, aviation, bio tech, health sciences, entertainment, media, construction/real estate, transportation and logistics.

Documentary Film Concept Trailer

We're currently working on a Documentary, entitled TribaLights: Waking up from

"The American Dream". We are meeting with the conscious leaders and experts who are implementing alternative solutions to the current system. Check out the trailer below!