TribaLights is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to provide at-risk youth and underserved populations access to positive peer groups and holistic wellness services.




Tribal Nights: Healing Arts Festival and Fundraiser. ALL are welcome to this family friendly, intoxicant-free fundraiser. Proceeds will go towards our Teen Outreach Initiative. Tickets are by donation and are tax deductible. There is also a fundraiser auction with many exciting healing services and offerings from leaders of LA's conscious community. 

Many mental and emotional health issues can lead to homelessness, addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD and suicide. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows suicide as the second leading cause of death among young people. The best way to prevent these issues from escalating is to focus on prevention at a younger age. That’s why we are raising funds! Tribal Nights, Healing Arts Festival & Fundraiser will showcase many healing practices to benefit the participants while raising support for our cause.

For every $4k raised we will be able to host a peer-support festival at a local LA high school, providing access to positive peer groups, influencers and coping practices.

All peer influencers at these events are trained to relate with teens by disclosing their own experiences as teenagers. By sharing how they overcame their own issues as teens, students are inspired to join positive peer groups. These peer support festivals offer experiential workshops that leave Teens with holistic practices that help them cope with the problems they face. We also partner with Local University Arts Programs, giving High School Seniors an opportunity to enrol into different Holistic Career Paths.

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SHARE! Culver City

6666 Green Valley Cir, Culver City CA, 90230 

Mindful Movement works directly with the body as it is a powerful conduit for change and growth. Movement is a unifying, common language for expression, connection and mindfulness. We use embodied tools for self-awareness, self-exploration, and change in order to support our well-being.

Mindful Movement focuses on increasing vitality, self-esteem, the capacity to manage emotions, feeling empowered and increasing overall health and well-being. We do not give specific steps to follow, rather we offer various movement exercises and suggestions to find our own expression and become aware of our bodies in a safe and gentle way. We learn how to center and ground ourselves, support and lead others, find new methods for coping with challenges and conflict, release emotional and physical tension in healthy ways and move through difficult situations.

SHARE! Culver City

6666 Green Valley Cir, Culver City CA, 90230 

Want to be part of the movement? Join us at our next Collaboration Meeting! We meet on the 3rd Saturday of every month to discuss our Long term Vision and needs of this service to the community. This includes our Support Groups & Healing Arts Festivals.


We direct participants to online applications for TribaLights NonProfit Board, Production Team,  Lead Collaborators positions, Contributors, Support Group Secretaries, Facilitators and Volunteers.



Phoenix Thunderbird


Entrepreneur, DJ, holistic wellness practitioner, and transformative workshop facilitator. Phoenix brings an extraordinary empathy with the human need for Love and compassion from his own history of overcoming mental health problems.  His event productions continue to inspire participants to engage in dance, meditation, breath work, yoga and related arts.

Sequoia Belavy 
Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, Sound Healer, Coach and Marketing Guru. In her ongoing spiritual quest Sequoia has become passionate about plant medicines, ancient wisdom, and anchoring light on earth. She is on a mission to help people find a deeper inner awareness and to tune-in to their highest truth through vulnerability, connection and alternative healing.

Alicia Yokota

Owner of Flowers by Alicia, a wedding and event flower company, she has five years of experience as an interior designer. She also has  experience designing, coordinating, and managing events. Her passion has led her to facilitating healing circles, and co-creating conscious communities. Her intention is to instill self-love, unity, and connection for all.

Avi Nimmer

Founder of Soul Warrior - transformational soul coaching & healing for individuals & groups. Avi is studied in / guided by principles of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and intuitive movement.  A published writer and renowned speaker, Avi is on a mission to transform our cultural-societal order for the ultimate health & well-being of this planet.

Hope Roehrs

Yoga teacher, Hope intends to continue her education in alternative means of healing and is especially interested in therapies that connect people more intimately to their bodies and the rest of the natural world. She personally has found healing this way and loves moving her body through ecstatic dance and yoga.

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