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Secretary, TribaLights


Mr. Robert Holmes is a family-man,  entrepreneur, and philanthropist living in Durango, Colorado.  Although Robert has built numerous successful businesses, his passion lies in serving his community.  This passion for service has come forth through his personal troubles with alcoholism and drug addiction. 


At age 19 Robert found himself suicidal, with no hope for what the future would bring.  After attending a rehab facility and recovery home in California for 4 months, Robert returned to Colorado and finished College at CU Boulder.  Getting sober at such a young age, Robert had a feeling that his life was over, that there was no more fun to be had in sobriety.  Quite the opposite happened as he was introduced to a young peoples recovery community that gave him support, love, and taught him how it was possible to have more fun in sobriety than while using.  Returning to Durango from College Robert has been obsessed with proving to young people in recovery that it is possible to have an amazing, fun life in sobriety. 


Robert has been instrumental in establishing a local young peoples recovery group and 20 years later still is heavily involved in his service to the recovery community.  Robert served on the Board of Directors for the Animas Alano Club, a recovery facility in the Durango area that was needing to secure a permanent location for its operation.  Robert felt compelled to help with that effort and led a large fundraising effort for that organization.


Robert vowed to borrow a large sum of money against his home to spark a large fundraiser that was instrumental in obtaining a large chunk of the capital for the downpayment for the facility.  He has been compelled to transition his focus off of his for profit businesses and focus more on serving his community with a non-profit that he and a team has established called Pura Vida For Good.  This organization was created with a mission to to spread peace and love in our local communities through development of Affordable Housing Projects focusing on Unity, Wellness, and Sustainability.  


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