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All-inclusive, holistic wellness community for the effective healing of addiction, anxiety, depression, trauma and PTSD.


Embark on a journey into the future with TribaLights Reconnection Camp at The Tico Time River Resort—a radiant beacon of sustainability, community, and purpose. Inspired by Costa Rican culture, our camp invites individuals to rediscover themselves in a holistic oasis of well-being, nestled in the embrace of nature.

Our vision extends beyond the camp, resonating in the 4 Corners region, acting as a catalyst for positive change. Sustainable living is central to our ethos, with eco-friendly structures seamlessly integrated into the natural landscape. The Central Multipurpose Pyramid stands as the beating heart of community life, embodying our commitment to connection and purpose. We pioneer a new era of community living, where shared prosperity, collective decision-making, and permaculture practices create a thriving, interconnected world. Illuminated by solar power, our vision for TribaLights Reconnection Camp inspires action towards a future where communities thrive, sustainability is a way of life, and unity shapes the destiny of a vibrant world.

Founding Membership: TribaLights Re-Connection Camp
Join us at the serene Tico-Time River Resort near Durango, Colorado, for a transformative journey of personal growth and self-discovery. Become a Founding Member: Elevate Your Experience

Level 1: Explorer



$995 VALUE

Valid for one year

Access to our Exclusive Online Community

Access to our Online Course: Connected

10% Discount on all Future Bookings (Workshops, Retreats)

Downloadable Self Discovery Journal

ONE Ticket to Serenity Festival in New Mexico

Best Value

Level 3: Luminary



$2405 VALUE

Valid for one year

Everything in the Visionary Package PLUS:

Two 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

20% Member savings on all future Retreats and Workshops

Exclusive savings and goodies from partner brands

THREE Tickets to 3-Day Serenity Festival

Level 2: Visionary



$1563 VALUE

Valid for one year

Everything in the Explorer Package PLUS:

Priority access to all our events

Personalized self-improvement resources

Exclusive Members-only workshops led by renowned experts

Complimentary Gear

TWO Tickets to Serenity Festival

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