Phoenix Germano

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer , TribaLights


Phoenix Germano is an Entrepreneur, Mindfulness Teacher, Movement Facilitator, Transformative Event Producer, Peer Support Specialist and Co-Founder of TribaLights.  He brings an extraordinary empathy with the human need for holistic growth from his own history of overcoming mental health issues. His Vision is a world where everyone is healed from past trauma. 


Phoenix grew up in Arizona, and despite a troubled childhood, was a talented varsity athlete. He turned to drugs and alcohol as a young adult in order to cope with physical injuries and emotional crises. After graduating high school, he served in the US Air Force, before his ongoing use of pain medications led to a medical discharge, and, soon after, a stint in prison.  The Universe was trying to send him a message.


The first turning point in his life came when he spent two months in solitary confinement.  With nothing to read or do, he filled his days beatboxing, free-form dancing, drumming and free-styling. This transformative “out-of-body” experience led to his first awakening.


After his release, Phoenix supported himself as an entrepreneur and business owner, running a successful Insurance Agency, and growing medical cannabis. In his spare time, he continued to learn all he could about neuroscience, particularly the measurable effects of electronic music on the brain.  He learned about ecstatic dance from a group of practitioners in Tempe, AZ, and met the Native American Healer, Andrew Ecker, who became his mentor. This led to a second turning point and his determination to follow his true calling.  He sold his businesses and used the proceeds to finance his nascent soul-centered transformative event business. 


For the last several years, with his business partners, Phoenix has produced numerous large scale alcohol-free public events through PHX Tribal Nights, Omnitribe Productions and Arizona Ecstatic Dance, as well as working with community groups to facilitate conscious movement workshops and drum circles.  His events inspire participants to engage in flow arts, meditation, chanting, breath work, yoga, related arts, and to the movement of transformation. 


Today Phoenix continues to actively participate in his own recovery and journey to full healing. He maintains a philosophy of gratitude for each and every past experience, good and bad. Every step of his life, painful or blissful, has led him to be here.


Now Phoenix is Living in Los Angeles and married to TribaLights Co-Founder, Sequoia Germano. They had their first baby girl, Gaia Germano and rescued a puppy they named Nero.