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Co-Founder & Visionary , TribaLights

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Phoenix Germano wears many hats, embodying roles as an Entrepreneur, Mindfulness Teacher, Movement Facilitator, and Transformative Event Producer. As the Co-Founder of TribaLights, he draws from a profound understanding of holistic growth, forged through his personal journey of triumphing over mental health challenges. His overarching aspiration revolves around a world where collective healing from past experiences becomes a universal reality.


Emerging victorious from a decade-long battle with drug addiction, Phoenix's transformative journey led him to build connections with Native American Tribes and Nations. In 2028 this collaborative effort birthed the vision of holistic wellness communities, emphasizing therapeutic modalities.

Since 2013, Phoenix's creative energy has culminated in orchestrating numerous large-scale, alcohol-free public events through TribaLights. Simultaneously, he has been a driving force in fostering conscious movement workshops and drum circles within local community circles. His events serve as catalysts for participants to explore embodiment, contact improvisation, meditation, yoga, and authentic connections.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Phoenix has woven his life path with that of Sequoia Germano, his partner and Co-Founder of TribaLights. Their shared journey gained new dimensions in 2022 with the arrival of their daughter, Gaia Germano, and the heartwarming addition of their rescued puppy, Nero.

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