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Derrick Radford

Advisor, TribaLights

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Derrick is a tribal member of the Cherokee Nation of Northeast Oklahoma and a Depth Psychotherapist in Practicum in the state of Oregon. He is currently finishing his masters in Counseling Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California. His Master's thesis, "Elemental Psychology: An Indigenous Perspective on Reclaiming our Relationship to Earth, Community, and Psyche" is fueled by his relationship to indigenous psycho-spiritual practices and healing traditions throughout Turtle Island and Peru.


Derrick has found that modern humanity has a deeply conflicted relationship with the earth and community. In turn, he has found that through the reclamation of our relationship with the earth body, we can begin to heal the deep wound that divides humanity from its symbiotic relationship with the natural world. Therefore, reaching our psychological conflicts in a renewed and profound way. 


Derrick's primary focus is to help others reach their fullest potential by guiding his clients through self exploration, processing psychological wounds, relationship issues, and fostering resilience in connection with the ebbs and flows of life on Earth.   

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